Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21, 2011 by mimisworld21

Blog number 1…I’m finally doing it..! that’s pretty awesome. After sending out mulitple emails and sending some of the same information at times, I feel like this is a more efficient way to send out info-and a better way to stay connected.Now I guess I’ll have to see if people will actually log on to the site to kinda see whats going on in “Mimi’s world” lol I hope i have enough going on in Mimi’s World to keep you all entertained…I am kinda secluded in the north of France…my life consists of basketball and more basketball here and I live off of variations of pasta, like pasta with tuna (don’t judge me), pasta with sour cream and milk-which creates a white sauce ┬á(for all of you non cookers out there) and pasta with chicken….I do miss american food: shout out to Chipotle located in San Ramon Valley, Shout out Cheese Cake factory, the one in Pleasanton and the one in Walnut creek, and Shout out to my moms cookin, at my mama’s house, when she decides to cook!!! lol i love you mom…..I eat so good at home, and everytime I come over to Europe to play they always tell me I “added KILO”…”ADDED KILO”=Gained weight, then they preced to pitch my checks! BUT anyone that really knows me, knows that my checks are here to stay..with our without “added kilo”

Anyways I can’t really complain about my life right now….I slept in until 12pm and I don’t have practice until 6:30 tonight! While coming over seas and playing can be a pain because the social and cultural changes can be hard to adjust to, its the little perks like sleeping in for an unlimited amount hours in that day that keep me coming back ­čÖé

Im thinking about going to the gym in the mean time because I just don’t want to stay home all day. So I’ll call like 2 or 3 people to try to get the gym open then I’ll come back home ┬áto eat, then practice tonight..and tommorw is my first game at home in the big Armentires Stadium..well its not really a statium…my Amdaor Valley High School gym is probably bigger than our gym here….but you get the point.

Oh yea and a French family asked me to come to their home for dinner tonight…his name is Jean-Baptist. Like JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME!! thats awesome!

So my teammate, Aline and I are going over Jean-Baptists’ house for ┬ádinner…this should be interesting. Before I go I’ll probably google: table etiquette and make sure I say “Bon Appetite” before I start eating, OR ┬á“Bon AP” if i wanna try to be cool/funny (one of my teammates taught me to say this), and coffee AFTER the dinner not before….wish me luck!